Luis M. Rodríguez

The new Chief Executive Officer of Thr36ixty Global Service, Luis Rodriguez, brings to the company more than two decades of marketing experience, including 10 years spent in Multi-Level Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. The transition from seasoned marketing executive to adept CXO is reflected in his ability to seamlessly integrate marketing strategies with enhanced customer and brand experiences. As well as pioneering successful product launches, Luis has ensured that these products are introduced to the market with an exceptional customer experience, increasing sales and market share.
In his role as CXO, Luis has been instrumental in expanding companies into new territories while maintaining a consistent and stellar customer experience across all regions. His ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities, coupled with his expertise in developing effective market entry and customer journey strategies, has enabled businesses to establish a robust presence in previously unexplored markets. Luis’s strategic insight into marketing, paired with a deep understanding of user experience within the industry, has been a key driver behind this success.
The company’s overarching goals are closely aligned with Luis’ work on all interdepartmental projects, which are also woven with customer experience enhancements. His ability to foster collaboration among departments ensures that marketing initiatives are seamlessly integrated with product development, operations, and overall customer journey enhancement, thereby ensuring that every touchpoint, from product development to delivery, is optimized for customer satisfaction.
Luis brings to Thr36ixty Global Service a strategic and visionary approach, focused on both industry growth and enhancing customer journeys, which makes him a valuable asset. His strategies, which involve a holistic approach that encompasses every aspect of the business, ensure that the customer remains central to all developmental and operational initiatives, positioning him as a pivotal force in steering the company toward continued success and customer- centricity.