Eder Balbino

With an impressive 20 years of professional experience in the Multi-Level and Affiliate Marketing industry, Eder Balbino is a seasoned technology leader. His extensive background includes collaborating with notable industry players such as Immunotec and working with renowned global organizations like Microsoft.
As the CTO at Thr36ixty Global Service, Eder leverages his rich experience to shape the company's technological landscape. He is responsible for developing and maintaining a user-friendly, mobile- first multi-module platform, which serves as the company's operational system.
Eder's career has been marked by his ability to deliver innovative technology solutions. His leadership and expertise have been honed through years of collaboration with industry giants. He has successfully crafted a cutting-edge platform that provides accessibility to customers, leaders, and the workforce, setting Thr36ixty ahead in the competitive market.
Eder's 20 years of experience include a deep understanding of data analysis techniques. He harnesses the power of both machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide valuable insights for every department within Thr36ixty. By offering real-time information, Eder empowers intelligent decision-making across the organization.
Under Eder Balbino's seasoned leadership, Thr36ixty Global Service is equipped with a real-time information ecosystem. This empowers the company to make data-driven decisions promptly, adapt to market dynamics, and stay ahead of the competition.
Eder Balbino's remarkable 20-year career, which includes collaboration with industry leaders like Immunotec and global giants like Microsoft, positions him as a formidable force in driving Thr36ixty's Kaizen vision in the Multi-Level and Affiliate Marketing industry. His blend of experience, innovation, and a user-centric mindset is instrumental in the company's continuous improvement and ongoing success.