Is tablished in 2007 on Puerto Rico's east coast in Humacao, Grupo CheyrodZ has woven a rich tapestry of innovation and success through its
Thr36ixty Global Services traces its roots to a dynamic convergence of needs and vision. In an ever-expanding landscape encompassing the direct selling, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce sectors, a critical need arose for a strategic partner that could empower founders to focus on their strengths while providing the necessary capital and infrastructure for growth.
In response to this need, Brant Wallace and Chey Rodriguez, each a luminary in their respective fields, united their expertise to establish Thr36ixty Global Services. Brant Wallace, with a proven track record in driving growth across the US and Latin American markets, brought his unparalleled understanding of strategic, operational, and financial dynamics. His knack for optimizing operational costs and driving high EBITDA marked him as an exceptional asset.
Complementing Wallace's strengths, Chey Rodriguez's role as a global citizen and innovative entrepreneur was pivotal. His penchant for developing proprietary technology with a kaizen vision set the stage for a cutting-edge approach. Rodriguez's knack for unifying global presence, technology, and private investment enabled his ventures under Grupo CheyrodZ to thrive and evolve.
Together, Wallace and Rodriguez crafted Thr36ixty Global Services as a transformative force in the industry. The company's inception offered direct selling and e-commerce company founders and boards a unique proposition: the chance to retain their CEO roles and concentrate on their strengths in product development and innovation. Simultaneously, they could harness the support of Thr36ixty Global Services, benefiting from fresh capital and a robust administrative and expanding infrastructure.
Throughout its journey, Thr36ixty Global Services continued to empower businesses in direct selling, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce. By providing founders with the tools to excel, it upheld its commitment to being a strategic partner that propels growth, innovation, and success. As the company's history unfolds, it remains a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the foresight of Thr36ixty’s founders, Chey Rodriguez and Brant Wallace.