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About us

Our foundation is built upon the collective brilliance of seasoned executives, each a maestro in their field, shaping industries and redefining success. With a proven track record that resonates with achievements, our leadership stands as a testament to innovation, expertise, and relentless pursuit of greatness. Embark on this journey to uncover the remarkable stories behind the individuals who drive Thr36ixty's unwavering commitment to transformative growth and exceptional achievements.

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Brant Wallace

CXO - Chief Experience Officer

Luis Rodriguez

CSO - Chief Strategy Officer

Jose Diaz

CTO - Chief Technology Officer

Eder Balbino


Chey Rodriguez

As we wrap up this exploration of Thr36ixty's essence, one truth emerges clear: our leadership isn't just a roster, but a symphony of brilliance, experience, and determination. Their unwavering dedication guides us in exceeding boundaries and shaping the future. Thr36ixty's path, charted by our distinguished executives, is a journey towards new pinnacles of achievement and influence. Thank you for joining us in celebrating the narratives that define Thr36ixty, where audacious visions converge with resolute actions, and every accomplishment sets the bar higher.